We are the Student’s Association of NorQuest College (SANQC) and we are committed to advocating on behalf of all students.

Governed by a Students’ Council — elected by you — we work hard to ensure College policies are fair for everyone.

We are here to be your voice; to advocate on the issues that affect all students at NorQuest College.

Your Students’ Association fees help fund our membership as part of the Alberta Students’ Executive Council (ASEC) and other advocacy groups that support our work. For more on Students’ Association fees, visit our Governance page.

Our New Home

1 – 114 Singhmar Centre for Learning (SCFL)

Welcome to our new home! The space is bright and vibrant, and was designed with you in mind. With so much space, there are sure to be a few random Friday afternoon dance parties! Oh, and we have these cool jumble couch things.

Mission, Vision & Values


We are dedicated to serving and representing students.


Transforming the Student Experience.



  • We believe in including all students, respecting diverse backgrounds and creating a sense of belonging and community.
  • We believe in providing a welcoming, inclusive and safe environment for students.


  • We believe our leadership role brings democracy to the student body, empowering students to have an active role in the college.
  • We believe in providing opportunities for students to gain leadership skills so they can contribute to their communities.


  • We believe in improving the college experience by providing a fun and exciting atmosphere where students can connect with each other.
  • We believe in leaving a lasting positive impression with each student we interact with.


  • We believe in acknowledging student needs and advocating on issues that are important to them.
  • We believe in protecting the rights of students.
  • We believe in providing a student perspective and being the voice for students.


  • We believe in helping students by providing access to support services and community resources.
  • We are dedicated to providing services that promote the health and well being of our students.