SANQC is the official, autonomous voice of NorQuest students. As a group, SANQC exists to:

  • protect the academic rights of students at NorQuest;
  • advocate on issues that affect students;
  • and ensure support is available for students who need it

Have an issue but not sure where to go? We are here to point you in the right direction.

We are a separate organization from the College. The staff and student volunteers are an independent, impartial and confidential resource for students. We provide information and guidance on students’ rights and responsibilities, and NorQuest College regulations and procedures relating to academic integrity, appeals, grievances and complaints.

Campaigns and Successes

SANQC meets with representatives from the college administration as well as various levels of government to advocate for solutions to issues that have a direct impact on students.

Here’s what we’ve accomplished in the past few years:

International Tuition Fees

2017 – Recently-approved increases to international tuition fees left some continuing students facing unexpected hardships. We called meetings with college administration. These meetings resulted in more than double the original number of students being eligible for support that would cover the majority of the increase.


2016 - as part of the U-Pass advisory committee, we were able to negotiate for the inclusion of three new municipalities with no additional increase to U-Pass.

Gender Neutral Washroom

2015 - your Students’ Council proposed and lobbied for a gender-neutral washroom on campus. We wanted to ensure that all students felt a sense of inclusion and belonging on campus.


2009 – There was a time when student parking did not exist at NorQuest College. Through lobby efforts, we were able to secure some student parking on campus for students.

  • 2016 Update: To increase safety of in the NorQuest parking lot, we lobbied for security cameras to be installed.
  • 2017 Update: There will be an increase in the amount of student parking available to students with the opening of the Singhmar Centre for Learning (SCFL).

Memberships and Committees

We form coalitions with other groups to present a united front on issues of affordable education, affordable housing, public transit and other important matters. Some of these groups include:

  • ASEC — Alberta Students’ Executive Council
    • Representing: 100,000 Alberta students on provincial issues
    • Involved with Post-Secondary Funding Model
    • Key Focus: Advocating for Mental Health Funding
  • ESA — Edmonton Student Alliance
    • Representing: students from Edmonton-area post-secondary schools
    • Meet with city councilors
    • Key Focus: Transportation and housing