Student Clubs

Taking your ideas for new clubs and turning them into a viable, long lasting legacy is our priority! Clubs help you develop leadership skills, network with other students and meet people with shared interests. We offer our support to help students build their very own club. We know you might not know where to start, so connect with us and we can help prepare you. When you join a club, or get a new idea up and running, we are here for you during all stages of your club development. We support you by offering guidance on the policies for clubs, event planning and hosting, financial tracking and management and even your club communication. If you are looking to join a club, or build one of your own, start by visiting the SANQC Office (1-114) for more information.

Student Clubs Directory

Important Dates

  • Thu, Jan 11 • 11 am – 1 pm – Clubs Day
  • Tue to Thu, Jan 16 to 18 • 2 – 4 pm each day • New Club Drop-in Meetings
  • Sat, Jan 27 • 9 am – 3 pm • Club Training Day
  • Wed, Apr 25 • 4 pm • Term End Report Due

How to start a Student Club

Step 1 – Concept Planning

Have an idea for a club? Meet with SANQC staff to ensure it is viable. This stage will help us iron out your idea, make sure it is covered under our insurance and help you frame your club mission and activities for the year! This is the exciting phase of club-building.

Step 2 – Recruitment

View the job roles and find five (5) executive members to help with your club.

Step 3 – Constitution

We are here for you to help with your first experience building a club constitution! This is your guiding document on how your club will run.

Step 4 – Signing Authorities

You will take your new team and select three (3) members to be signing authorizes on your club bank account. ID cards and signature are required.

Step 5 – Conditional Approval

Now that you have all of your forms ready to go, you can receive conditional approval. This allows us to invite you to training, and keep working with you to ensure all of the things you are planning to do are viable and safe. We care about your safety.

Step 6 – Attend Mandatory Training

Ready to learn the ins and outs? This is your chance to learn about the guidelines for clubs. We teach you everything you might need to know to start with events, finances and communication for your club. At this stage, you can now start working on securing your social media, building a logo, writing content for your posters, filling out event forms and more. You just need to hold-off on releasing anything until your full approval. This is where you really start seeing your idea come to life!

Student Club Documents