Volunteer Opportunities

Connecting with new people, having fun, and learning new skills are at the core of our volunteer program, and we want you on our team! Volunteering with SANQC means our roles have been designed with you in mind. We offer a variety of roles to match your schedule. Yes, your schedule. Matching you to a job that aligns with your interests and time is important to us. We will help you gain leadership skills, enhance your resume and provide a fun, team environment during your time as a volunteer. We don’t want to say our volunteer program is the best, but we also don’t lie. Whether you enjoy being behind the scenes or in the midst of the action, our highly in-demand program has a role for you. Did we also mention that our volunteers are all eligible for our great incentive program? This allows you to earn rewards for the hours you contribute. That means free stuff, volunteers! Check out the volunteer role descriptions below or come by the SANQC Office (1-114) to learn more.


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Volunteer Application Deadline & Interviews

Posted: Jan 18, 2018

Volunteering with SANQC is a great way to meet new people, get involved in campus life, and build new skills. We offer a variety of roles…

Volunteer Information Session

Posted: Jan 15, 2018

Want to connect with new people, have fun and learn new skills? Drop by our volunteer information session on Tue, Jan 16 from 11 am…

Important Dates

  • Tue, Jan 16 • 11 am – 1 pm • Volunteer Information Session
  • Fri, Jan 19 • 10 am – 3 pm • Volunteer Application Deadline & Interviews
  • Tue, Jan 23 • 4 – 6 pm • MANDATORY Volunteer Orientation
  • Fri, Apr 13 • Time TBD • Volunteer Appreciation Party
  • Thu, Apr 19 • 5 pm • Last Day to Redeem Volunteer Points for Winter Term

How to become a SANQC Volunteer

Step 1 – Check out which volunteer roles are available (either online or at the volunteer information session)

Step 2 – Fill out and submit your volunteer application

Step 3 – Meet with SANQC on the Volunteer Interview day and talk about your volunteer interests and goals

Step 4 – Save the date and attend the mandatory volunteer orientation.

Step 5 – Begin your new volunteer role!

Volunteer Application Form

Complete your volunteer application form online or download it here.

Volunteer Role Descriptions

Each volunteer is automatically included in our general program. While you can apply for specific roles that might have openings, you will always be included in this flexible role. You will receive a volunteer newsletter with monthly activities and tasks when your support is needed. Each volunteer will also get information about community volunteer opportunities. Through our general program you will be able to try a bit of everything, when the opportunity presents itself.

Office Volunteer

Office volunteers provide a welcoming and safe environment for our diverse population when they stop by the SANQC Office. As a hub for our information, you will begin your role by learning how to answer student questions about our programs and services. You will practice administrative skills like filing, answering phones, working the cash register and taking registrations on the computer. Other intriguing tasks can include preparing for events, helping with Free Store, booking vendors, ordering materials, and handing out prizes. If you are organized, like talking to people, and have good computer skills this role might be fun for you. Don’t forget, this role means you add customer service, organization and communication skills to your resume!

Promotions Street Team

The Street Team volunteers help keep students connected and engaged on campus. Want to take a break from sitting in classroom chairs and get some exercise?  As a promotion volunteer you will visit and become familiar with all the buildings on campus. Get sneak-peeks at upcoming events and activities on campus by being the first to view poster ads. Training will be provided and you will be responsible for keeping the bulletin boards organized, fresh, and accurate. If you are active, organized and enjoy paying attention to the details try this role out!

Event Volunteer

Event volunteers help create the magic at our special events! This is our most popular volunteer role. You can help at many stages of the event planning, from designing displays to serving food to the attendees. You get to be in the spotlight and practice leadership skills, all while having fun. You will find a variety of activities and experiences to participate in. Our event schedule is dynamic and allows you the flexibility of choosing which ones work for you. You not only get to be the person creating that fun for others, events are tons of fun for you! There are lots of opportunities for you to practice hosting, photography, activity management and interacting with others.

NOVA Mascot Team

NOVA is the SANQC Mascot. If you have ever wanted a secret identity this is for you! You will love this role if you are energetic and aren’t worried about being silly. As the SANQC Mascot you will attend promotions, events and activities related to mental health & wellness. Get ready to showcase your dancing and acting skills by putting on the suit and channeling NOVA. You will be one of the favorites on campus and definitely the most photographed. You will rely on your handy helper to guide you around and make sure NOVA doesn’t trip or fall.

Peer Support

Peer Supporters are key to creating opportunities for students to connect with each other. You will directly help alleviate loneliness on campus through our exciting peer connection events. You will receive training and support to feel confident in one-on-one environments where someone might be struggling with a mental health problem or crisis. Peer Supporters are a team that come from different programs and backgrounds. Each peer supporter has an identity that will help them in being a mentor to other students. If you are passionate about helping others and want to support your fellow peers, this role is for you!

Academic Council

Academic Council is a robust and collaborative group that participates in decision making on academic affairs. Academic Council members meet for a monthly board meeting where 10 students, 10 staff, and 10 Faculty discuss important topics on campus. You will read through the agenda and any important information to prepare and then give the student perspective and vote on decisions. This is a meaningful role where you can help make NorQuest better for all students. You will complete an interview with an SANQC staff member and your information is passed onto Students’ Council. All Academic Council members are appointed by your Students’ Council representatives before they join the board for the period of one full year (September – June). If you are a SANQC member and passionate about leadership this is a great place to join the student team.

Students’ Council Shadowing Program

The shadow program is a great way to test the waters and see what Students’ Council members really do! You will receive a package of tasks and jump in to complete them at your leisure. The great part about the shadow program is you get a glimpse of what council members do to prepare you to explore the possibility of you running for Council yourself. All students interested in the shadow program learn about student government and about SANQC as a whole.

Volunteer Incentive Program

Volunteer Points

SANQC offers a points-reward system for volunteers. For every hour you volunteer with us you will receive one point. You can then redeem those points for different prizes, activities and awards for yourself.

Collecting Points

We provide you with an hours tracking sheet to keep track of your hours. You then get them approved by any SANQC staff member who was working with you. Your hours need to be recorded each day you volunteer. There are even some opportunities for events that are worth double incentive points!

Redeeming Points

Now you have collected your points, you are ready to get some free stuff. You can redeem your points as long as you are a current student. We can distribute prizes throughout the term, or you can save them up until the end of each term for a really great prize. We will let you know the last day we are accepting redemptions so you use your points, not lose your points! We can’t roll over your points into a future term. There are opportunities at the Volunteer Appreciation Event to use your points to enter draws for a chance to win some bigger prizes.

Appreciation Events

SANQC hosts fun and exciting volunteer appreciation events near the end of each term to honor the people who have made our organization so strong. That is you! All volunteers are welcome to attend for free. We make sure you have food, fun and lots of laughs to end the term with your team. Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean it is the end of your volunteering. Just the end of the term, and you deserve this party!


At the end of your volunteer experience we want to leave you with a fancy certificate for your time. You can use certificates in your portfolio, on a resume or just on your wall because you are so proud! Just request a certificate from your volunteer coordinator in advance and we will have it ready before you depart for a new adventure.

Training and Development

During specific times volunteers may be eligible to attend free or discounted training sessions such as Mental Health First Aid, Sexual Violence Prevention, Toastmasters etc. We do plenty of training specific to your role but these are extra training opportunities you can add to your resume.