Student Health & Dental Plan

The Health and Dental Plan was approved by student referendum. As a result, participation in the plan is now required for students enrolled at NorQuest College through their membership in the Students’ Association of NorQuest College (SANQC). The cost of the plan is included in institutional fees, provided the student meets all of the eligibility enrolment criteria outlined below:

  1. pays tuition and is studying at NorQuest College’s downtown campus or a regional campus/site;
  2. is enrolled in an eligible program;
  3. meets the full-time criteria for his or her program;
  4. resides in Canada; and
  5. is under the age of 70.

See Fees

If you are unsure about whether or not you are eligible for the Student Health and Dental Plan, please contact the SANQC office prior to any applicable deadlines.

Waiver/Opt-Out Form: Students who have other coverage may choose to opt-out of the coverage provided. Online opt-out can be completed by visiting

Opt-Out Deadline: The opt-out deadline dates are established by SANQC. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made if the deadline is missed.

Family Enrollment Form: Students wanting to add on family members can do so by paying additional fees directly to SANQC before the deadline.

Questions: Contact the SANQC Office in 1 – 114 Singhmar Centre for Learning, by email at or by phone at 780.644.6250.

For more information about the Health and Dental Plan please visit

For info on current Health and Dental Fees, click here.


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